Mobdro for Android


Mobdro for Android

What is the Mobdro application?

Mobdro is a streaming service that searches the vast reaches of the internet for free streams. The Mobdro app isn’t available for download on any major app store.

Best features of Mobdro

Free: The Mobdro application is free to download and use. The way they compensate for the free users is like all the other app developers out there. With ads. Yes, I know it’s impossible to turn on your device without being bombarded with advertisements these days. But this is the sad world we live in. If you want to remove the ads and unlock more features, you need to upgrade to the Mobdro Premium version.

Ease of use: The whole process to install Mobdro is a little bit more complicated than your normal Google Play Store apps. But in the end, it will all be worth it. The app is very easy to use and there is no sign-up required. You just open the free app and start streaming. The interface of the app is very basic and you will find that it makes finding entertainment effortless.

How to download and install the Mobdro app

Installing the app is actually elementary. Just follow these steps listed and you’ll be streaming in no time.

Step 1: Download the Mobdro apk file to your Android device.

Step 2: Enter the settings of your device. Go to the lock screen and security page of the device’s settings. On this page, there is an option that allows the install of apps from unknown sources. Enable this setting to install Mobdro.

install the Mobdro app - step2

Step 3: Click on the Mobdro file that you’ve downloaded. The install will now begin. This will take a minute or two, so go make some coffee or something.

Step 4: You will need to give the app some permissions on your device. (Some of these permissions are scary and many users warn against using Mobdro for security and privacy reasons).

install the Mobdro app - step4

Step 5: Open the Mobdro application and stream away. That’s all there is to installing the Mobdro application. See? And you thought it was going to be an engineering exam.

Currently, Mobdro is temporarily down. If you’re looking for an alternative app that is similar to Mobdro, it’s absolutely Rokkr.

With Rokkr, you can easily enjoy movies and series as well as music, podcasts, news, and even more!

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  1. nice very good news ,thanks

    • Hello, we tried but were rejected with some policy violations. We are fixing and will be available on Google Play

    • Hi, this channel has probably expired so it was removed from Mobdro.
      Or your Mobdro version is outdated, please update to the latest version 2.1.48 and try again 🙂

    • Hi, I have checked it again and it works. maybe you are in the old version, please update to the latest version 2.1.48

  2. Hi guys. I have installed the latest version of Mobdro, and yet some sports streams that I used to use are not working: MLB Network, Racing TV, Sky Sports channels. It just keeps saying loading your stream, but nothing comes up?

    • I am still getting no show on some channels. Is this a kinda backwards way to us to sign up via Mobdro premium? I tried on my old school tablet today, and had to sign up for a add on? Not good. If my current Mobdro app works for… So long in the future? Thank you. But don’t tinker a good thing, as I have heard online from the US and UK?

  3. Mobdro informs me that it’s no longer responding. What could be the fault-my phone or App?

  4. I’m not picking up any services on my firestick. Running the latest version. Everything was working fine couple of days ago

  5. Yo tengo la versión 2148 yel canal de univision no me funciona, estoy desesperada por mis shows favorito, no se que pasa..ayudaaaa

    • Hola, MobdroPlus ahora ofrece la última versión de Mobdro 2.1.60 2019 para que pueda actualizarla ahora.

  6. Fantastic app and always works… When ever I’ve had issues I’ve just reinstalled mobdro.
    A few more adult channels wouldn’t go amiss 😋😋

    • Thank you for your comment, we always update Mobdro for every device. Follow us and update Mobdro APK regularly.

  7. Dear Developer,

    Thank you for such good up and also for adding super sport channels.
    Please kindly do the following improvement
    1. The sports channels for live football matches do not stream well, the stream is a bit faster than usual during live football matches

    2. Please improve the pixels quality, its abit low, kindly add 480 pixels HD channels for all sports channels

    These are the two key points for improvements

    • Everything is working normally, including downloading the Mobdro app, please check your device.

  8. After downloading the new versions I’m unable to install them on my phone. Why is that?

    • You access the settings on your phone and license the installation of Mobdro application.

      • How will I access the setting on my phone and license the installation of mobdro application

        • Hello, just go to your phone’s settings then scroll down to the Mobdro app in the settings, then check the license for the application.

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