College Brawl

College Brawl APK is an active arcade fighting game that comes with a college theme. The story of the game is that you are expected to help your friend to get back his confiscated possessions by defeating the legions of enemies.

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Updated: 12/12/2022

College Brawl APK Download

College Brawl APK puts you in this extremely thrilling and engrossing college scenario where the cruel and tyrant leaders and the warriors of the mob are after you as you venture to a mission of helping your friend. Therefore, use all your strength to fight and show them your brawl skills.

The game begins as you assume the role of Ken, a student who intends to help out his friend.

This game is much more than just pointless battles, each move is important since there are limited resources to collect. Make sure to keep on winning so that you do not lose all the potential rewards.

College Brawl Gameplay

The gameplay of College Brawl APK is as simple as it can be. You have a health meter for your hero and with each hit of the enemy it decreases, so your job is to defeat them all without getting exhausted of your health bar, not to mention that you can always heal yourself by the help of resources.

Once your health meter is empty, the game is over. Keep in mind that the resources, such as tools, weapons and health items, come in limited supply. The goal is to eventually defeat the Kat group at the end and get the title of college hero.

College Brawl APK Characters

The realism of this game is enhanced by the unique characters and the realistic backgrounds. Every character is distinct in its combat methods which makes the battles more challenging.

The protagonist of the game is Ken, a student who has accepted the challenge of saving his friend by defeating the gang. There are five levels and five deadly enemies, with Kat group being the ultimate enemy.

Not the least, there are about 26 cartoons and more than 3 photos in the phases of the game, they can be used to recover KI and increase the HP.

This is a telegram group of people who have played the game, Game files are shared by players, I will not be responsible for any issues such as quality, legal…

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