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Mobdro free download

Streaming is undoubtedly the most popular type of entertainment we have at our disposal in this day and age. There are no more contenders for the top spot. A few seasons ago, streaming knocked out the top dog and it looks like this youngster is going to stay champion for quite some time. This rise to power was followed by more and more applications flocking to the streaming format to gain popularity. One of these apps is Mobdro. The application that lets you stream channels for free. The application isn’t one of the official ones and won’t be found on any major app store. This doesn’t mean the Mobdro app is going to let official apps overshadow it. No, on the contrary, the app outshines most of its competition.

Mobdro in a few paragraphs

The application is not like most others of the same nature. When opening the app, you’ll be greeted by an easy-to-use interface. Everything is within the reach of the user by just a click or two. Mobdro finds free streams across the internet and organizes them into neat little categories along with other similar streams.

The application searches the far reaches of the world wide web and provides us, the users, with free and legal streams. Essentially, the application takes away a lot of effort in searching for free streams. In the ancient days before Mobdro, our ancestors had to spend hours on end searching for free streams online. This means that all those senseless Google searches, that tend to leave us with nothing much most of the time, can be skipped. There’s no more need to set time aside and look for free streams when you can just open the Mobdro application and stream away for free.

The interface is simple, not in a bad way, and elegant. New users will get the hang of it in no time. The interface makes it possible for users to find something to entertain them in no time. Once a user opens the application, they can choose any category and select a stream from the list of options. The fact that the channels are placed in categories makes it easy for users to find something according to their taste.

The app also has a paid version that gives users more features to make their viewing experience seamless. The paid version is called Mobdro premium. This version has some added benefits to the normal application.

Best features of Mobdro

Free: The application doesn’t cost you a cent to download or use. Although there is a paid version of the app available, the normal app doesn’t cost anything. You do, however, pay the traditional way. The app does have ads that can be really annoying from time to time. To get rid of them you need to purchase the application. This isn’t the end of the world seeing that many free apps use ads to supplement their funds.

Uncomplicated: Simplicity is the name of the game here. Keeping the app simple means that new users have no trouble getting to know their way around the application. This also increases the speed for users to find something to watch. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search function. This is located at the top of the interface with a magnifying glass as an icon.

A range of devices: The app is downloadable as an apk file. This means it can be installed on Android devices that range from phones & tablets to smart TVs. This huge variety of devices means that you can enjoy your shows on more than just a tiny mobile’s screen.

Mobdro Premium

The paid version of the application can only be purchased after you’ve installed the free version on your device. Once you’ve opened the free version you can find the option to upgrade in the menu of the application. The absence of advertisements isn’t the only thing you will notice in the premium version of the app. There are other things that make the premium version worthwhile. Chromecast support is worth the mention. In the premium version, you can cast your stream to a Chromecast device with the press of a button.

This version of the application allows users to download certain streams to their devices for offline use. The offline downloading function is very useful for someone that burns through data faster than a pile of firewood in an artic campsite.

A sleep timer might sound unimportant; I mean who uses one anyway? But did you know that people who sleep with a TV on is more likely to suffer from depression? The sleep timer won’t seem so useless once you’re hanging from the ceiling. You can now set a time for the application to stop playing the stream. This is great if you tend to doze off in front of the TV.

How to download the Mobdro app

The Mobdro application is available for download on Android as an apk file. Like already mentioned, the app is free to download and use. You can do this on all Android devices by simply changing one little setting. The only trick to downloading the app is to set your device to allow install from unknown sources. After that, you can install the app. The only thing that may concern you is the permissions the app requires. Some of them seem sketchy to people. I’ve come across multiple videos online that warn against the use of this app. I’m not a salesman of the application, using it is completely up to yourself.
Wrapping up

In the end, the Mobdro app’s interface is great and makes using the application a breeze. The streams are all free and grouped together according to the genre. The paid version of the application will give you some extra features that make things more comfortable. With the paid version you can download streams and cast to Chromecast devices. The app does have a small trick to install but that’s universal for all Android devices. Just follow one of our guides on how to download the Mobdro app for instructions.

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