Hole House

Download Hole House APK latest version and experience adventurous gameplay full of mind-jogging puzzles. It has multiple characters and detailed storylines.

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Updated: 21/04/2023

Everything You Need to Know about Hole House APK 2023

Hole House APK for Android is a unique game that combines adventure and puzzles. It tests strategic planning, logic, and cognition thrillingly. You’ll be immersed in beautifully rendered environments as you play through its narrative-driven levels.

The game features multiple characters with unique backstories & stories to tell. Environments are detailed and full of surprises that will keep your eyes peeled for hidden items or tasks throughout the game.

The obstacles and hazards you face around the house will become increasingly difficult as you progress, testing your ability to think quickly and accurately. The game offers different tools & power-ups that you can use to finish levels more quickly.

This game is really fun & it will test how well you can solve problems. It has great pictures, music, and stories. If you like puzzles, Hole House APK for Android is perfect for you. Download it now and start solving the mysteries of Hole House!

Hole House APK Download – Background Information

You are in a deserted house and cannot recall how you arrived there. Your goal is to solve the mystery of the place & escape by using your wit & intelligence.

You’ll create holes in the walls as you explore the house. Ensure that you use your resources wisely to create sturdy passage holes. By accessing new areas, you can collect items necessary to advance in the game.

You’ll also have to face adversaries like traps and living creatures as you navigate the house. As such, you must creatively explore the house and unleash your problem-solving skills to solve each puzzle.

Exceptional Features of Hole House Game

  • Well-Designed UI. The simplified user interface of Hole House APK makes it easy to play and decipher. Its controls are also intuitive & responsive, allowing you to move around the house without trouble.
  • Beautifully Rendered Graphics. Hole House APK has vibrant visuals that bring the game’s environments to life. The stunning 3D graphics create a realistic sense of being in a haunted house.
  • Multiple Levels. Hole House APK offers exciting levels that will keep you on your toes. You’ll have to think quickly and devise creative solutions to progress in the game and make it out alive.
  • Lots of Characters. You’ll get to meet commoners, villains, & other interesting peoplesyou in the game. You can even take girls out on a date on the third floor.


Hole House APK is an innovative game that tests your problem-solving skills & logical thinking. Its levels are challenging, and the visuals are stunning. Download it now & start exploring its exciting worlds.

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