Drain Mansion

Download Drain Mansion APK latest version and explore an abandoned house in this horror-adventure game. It has numerous traps, puzzles, and scary episodes!

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Version: 1.4.0
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Updated: 22/03/2023

Drain Mansion APK 2023: A Chilling Adventure

Drain Mansion is an adventure horror game developed by Storming Tech & published by Chorus Worldwide. It takes players on a hair-raising journey through an abandoned house. As Michael, an investigative journalist, you must explore the mansion and solve mind-bending puzzles to uncover the truth.

Prepare to be drawn into a world of terror & suspense with its mesmerizing graphics, bone-chilling audio, and intense storyline. This game promises a gripping experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. Download it now for hours upon end of the heart-pounding adventure.


Uncover the eerie secrets of Drain Mansion, an adventure game combining horror and exploration. You’ll dive into a crumbling manor as you seek out clues, tackle puzzles, and ultimately unravel the mystery behind its unsettling occurrences.

Additionally, you should prepare yourself for the spooky scenes, puzzles, and challenges awaiting you in this captivating game. From easy tasks like locating keys to access barred doors to brain-twisting conundrums needing intense thought, prepare to be thoroughly engaged as you conquer each obstacle.


The game offers several unique features to make it one of the best adventure horror games out there:

  • Exploration. Unlock the mysteries of Drain Mansion APK for Android, an open-world game that will draw you into a world of exploration and intrigue. Interact with objects in the mansion and discover hidden doorways as you navigate through pictures on the walls and beyond.
  • Scary Atmosphere. Drain Mansion transports players to a captivating and terror-filled world with its incredibly realistic graphics and audio. Get ready for a rush of excitement that will leave your heart racing.
  • Puzzles. This game presents an array of perplexing puzzles to solve, from simple investigations that can be easily deciphered to complicated conundrums requiring cleverness and problem-solving savvy.
  • Side Quests. In addition to the primary storyline of the game, players can choose from an array of thrilling side missions that offer unparalleled gaming experiences.
  • Custom Difficulty. Personalized difficulty levels allow players to take on the level of challenge they are most comfortable with, guaranteeing an enjoyable gaming experience.

Tips for Playing

To get the most out of the game, players can follow these simple tips while playing Drain Mansion:

  • Collect every item that you can find as it could prove to be useful later.
  • Keep an eye out for secret paths and hidden doors in the mansion.
  • Listen to the sound effects as they can help solve certain puzzles.
  • Read the notes you find to get more context and uncover the story behind the mansion.


Experience a spine-tingling adventure like no other with the Drain Mansion APK download. This horror-adventure game will hook you from start to finish, offering unrivaled retro graphics, authentic sound effects, & an enthralling storyline.

Explore an abandoned mansion full of terror and solve puzzles as you unravel this thrilling mystery. With so many features offered by this remarkable game, players are guaranteed one unforgettable journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

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