Waifu Warrior

Waifu Warrior Fighter is an action packed, adventurous fighting game wherein your player is determined to fight off all the women dominating the entire world and hence you go along with him in this adventure to explore and be victorious.

Author: Happy Monster Studio
Version: 1.0
Category: Games
Size: 500 MB
Updated: 16/02/2023

Waifu Warrior Fighter

Waifu Warrior Fighter is an exceedingly addictive game that is much more than just a regular fighting game. It is a 2D action adventure game. You live in a fictional world that is completely ruled and dominated by women, some of whom are exceptionally good fighters.

Your task as being the main character is to travel all across the world and defeat them in fighting combats in various arenas. You will revisit the adrenaline rushed thrills of operating the protagonist in participating in these moving and extremely fun-filled fights that will leave you asking for more.

The goal is to win the championship, and in order to accomplish that you are supposed to travel and challenge a lot of well trained female fighters and defeat them in close combat.

A game no matter how well made is not an exciting game without a catchy storyline. This game does not even fail in that regard. Its story goes: You had been living all your own in a seclusion, training for more than twenty years, in a world being run by domineering women who have become very powerful over time.

And you have taken it on yourself to defeat each and every one of them and win your way up the hierarchy. You have aimed at winning the martial art championship. You are going to encounter many of such female fighters, so play cleverly and skillfully to be victorious.

Waifu Warrior Fighter Free Download

If you are a fan of fighting games and want an extra thrill and spice while you do what you are best at, this game is definitely a pick for you. As you sit back and relax, play this game to pass your time in the most efficiently entertaining way possible. So do not hesitate and download this game for free right now.

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3.8/5 (171 Reviews)

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