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Updated: 22/01/2020

BlueStacks for PC | Download free latest version 2020

BlueStacks for PC is one of the most common Android emulators, striking a balance between mobile and desktop environments by enabling users to operate their favorite Android apps with the convenience of their computer or laptop. It means you can take advantage of the more versatile resources available for PCs and Macs.

First published in 2011, BlueStacks keep growing together with the Android ecosystem, capturing investment relationships from tech companies like Intel, AMD, Samsung, or Qualcomm. The android device is safe to use and supports information, with a premium subscription level that eliminates advertisements and offers additional character customization and essential tech support.


Features BlueStacks for PC

  • Integration friendly: It combines the screen, monitor, microphone, cameras, all together. Blue stacks make it much easier for using Android apps on your Windows device. Such integrations are especially necessary for gaming applications.
  • Developers friendly: If you’re an Android developer who wants to check the efficiency of the App for Android, you could do this with Bluestacks. It also has a ‘Developers Test Aid’ feature that helps to complete the test easily.
  • Gamers friendly: Gamers will live-stream the Game to Steam or Facebook immediately using Bluestacks without heading through any hectic phase.
  • Quick updates: Bluestacks proved to become a success, the company launched BlueStacks 2 or Bluestacks 3. These are enhanced and updated versions of Bluestacks, to additional features.
  • Resembles Android Devices: Your home screen of Bluestacks Device Player is close to the main screen of Android phones. It has a similar interface and icons. When a device is activated, the cursor is on the Bluestacks main screen.

BlueStacks, use hardware virtualization technology, which is there in the modern PC so to help emulation tasks. Still, usually, the setting is off in your default settings of your PC or laptops.

Simple App Installation: There will be two various methods for downloading the Bluestacks software. It can directly be downloaded from the Google Play Store or download the application’s APK and mount it by using Bluestacks.

You could either pick the installer you like (32/64-bit models of Android or Windows / Mac) from either the choices or just let BlueStacks auto-detect the correct installer for you depending on the OS you will use.

BlueStacks for PC

Installing and download the BlueStacks

Click the Download Now button to continue the application process.


You can choose the place you want to mount by pressing the Customize Setup link. A Micro Installer can now access all the files you need. The wonderful thing about this kind of new way of installing would be that the Micro Installation can start downloading even if it struggles for the very first time.

All you have to do here is to sit down and relax as BlueStacks is downloaded, assembled, and activated automatically. Based on your Computer setup, it should take a few minutes. A BlueStacks Engine should start automatically, and you might now be asked to perform the one-time initial configuration phase.

BlueStacks PC

BlueStacks 4 – New user interface

BlueStacks 4 has an improved UI with an improvement in the user interface of the Game and its built-in functionality, bearing in mind the easy access or ease of use of all apps.

BlueStacks 4 in the Side toolbar

A BlueStacks 4 side add-on gives you access to all of the tools that gamers want. It will have high visibility icons to all the devices you use; the equipment icon allows you direct links to a Blue Stacks Configuration tab. Now you can read the hand toolbar.

BlueStacks 4 Hamburger menu

A fresh hamburger selection has been introduced to the player’s upper right corner. The list includes BlueStacks configuration options.

BlueStacks 4 game controls

A great UI framework for various features.

Custom features have been added to make it easy for the consumer to save custom button mapping accounts.

The script is indeed a powerful editor within Game Controls, which allows game developers to perform a variety of functions, like touch, mouse click, or mouse-wheel movements on one button in games like PubG Mobile, Phone Legends or Lineage Uprising Mobile.

Why Only Blue Stacks?

This is a vibrant device ecosystem that is growing for mobile phone users on a daily basis. It is no mystery that the most common mobile platform is Android, and that is Google’s software. There are many other similar systems, iOS, and Microsoft, to mention a few. But when it comes to absolute usability, nothing beats ios. It is probably the most open network in the world.

The Blue stacks are Safe? Reasons to faith It

Yeah, Blue stacks are 100% free. I’ve been using Blue stack Game Player for the last four years. Occasionally, a few security software on Windows PCs can identify the Bluestacks Mobile Emulator as a trojan, but it isn’t accurate at all. You could use the Bluestacks Game Player comfortably.

Are Bluestacks experiencing any other issues?

It has high-end tech that requires a great deal of networking equipment resources, including Graphics Memory, Cpu, fast processing capabilities, etc. When you are using Windows 10 Software, then Bluestacks can fail or slowing down the laptop. You may prevent such issues by upgrading your own desktop workstation.


Thus, now it’s time to move your gameplay to a higher level. It is one of the best performers in mobile gaming, and Blue Stacks always try to deliver the best experience in gaming, along with great enhancing options. The partnerships with almost 100 of the main developers of the mobile Game with Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, Samsung, etc., define that BlueStacks is the Android flagship gaming platform.

Thus, Bluestacks has functionality towards Android emulators. People seeking any assistance can certainly find answers in their difficulties throughout the forums. Bluestack developers were constantly trying to install the App Defender to meet the always-changing people’s needs. They keep on rolling out notifications now and again to make many minor modifications or to eliminate bugs from either the latest update.

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