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Updated: 21/01/2020

Newest Movies HD APK for 2020 Latest Version 6.0 | Download Free App

The movies which are newly released can stream on your android devices with the help of this app. If you love to watch movies you need to download this app. The app is popular across the world. You can not find the app on play store but the app can be downloaded manually.

Newest Movies HD

You can watch movies in different qualities. It depends on your internet connection. If your internet connection support HD quality then you can play video in HD quality without any buffering.

The application needs stable internet to stream movies. The application is very useful for the movie lover and the person who has no work to do. You can stream old and new movies. If you want to navigate the movie which you are looking for you can write the name of the movie in the search bar. The application offers a search bar to navigate what you are looking for. You can rewind, pause or play the movie once stream started. The application also shows the latest movies and trend content.

Newest Movies HD APK

The material is also available in the menu bar such as new movies, animated, and series. It also allows you to download the content. You can also set a reminder which reminds you to watch your favorite show on time. History is also shown by application. History shows all the content which you have watched. When selecting a movie or TV show the application gives you information that is coming directly from IMDb, director, and screenwriters. The best thing about this application is that it is free to use. Not a single penny is used to watch movies and TV shows.

Newest Movies HD application is just like other streaming applications such as Netflix and iflix. The app has many unique features for downloading full-length movies which can not be found in other applications. Newest Movies HD has a huge library. Fresh content is added frequently. The application keeps content up to date. Much other application provides entertainment stuff but this application is a unique one.

The application is totally free and to access it you do not need to register or make an account all that silly thing. The application straightforward just download it and stream movies and TV shows. Downloading the application is quite difficult because some people are addicted to playing store an easy process to download the application.

How To Install the application

If you are an expert then it is easy to install the application. You need to download the APK file from Google. When the APK file is downloaded then click on it. Tap on install. Then it will ask for security. Simply go to settings then turn on Unknown sources. Then tap install. The application simply installed in your device.


If you have an android smartphone and you wish to watch or stream all movies and TV shows without paying any penny then just simply download and install the Newest Movies HD. If you are a movie lover then the application is perfect for you. The application contains lots of collections of classic movies, the latest release, and TV shows. The application also works with chrome cast TV. The application is only for the android user not for IOS users. The application only offered to Android users. The application is perfect for those users who used to watch movies all the time. Cartoons can also be watched on this application in HD quality. Cartoons are one of the favorite things for children. Movies and TV shows can also be watched when you are on the go. The latest content can be seen because the application is refresh frequently. The user interface of the application is quite easy to use. If you see and use the interface you will become a lover of these settings. You can also watch trailers of the movies. There are many categories like Bollywood and Hollywood. The feature that gives this application advantage that it is totally ADS free.

Features of Newest Movies HD APK

The user interface is easy and friendly to use. The content is refreshed on a daily basis and provides the latest content. The videos are provided in different quality it can be 720p or 1080p it depends on your internet connection. An option like share, like, the rating is available in this application. You can download videos without wasting any time. The movie can be viewed at high speed without any buffering however it depends on your internet connection. If you have a stable internet connection then you can watch videos at high speed. The developer of the application offered us this application with complete ads free which means that you can watch movies or TV shows without any disturbance. It also supported Blu-ray videos and external video player. A lot of information is available at the overview of the movie. IMDb rating is also available.


By learning all features and overviews of application we conclude that the application is very good and made to entertain a person. Children also enjoy this application by watching cartoons. The application is ads-free. One disadvantage is that the application cannot be downloaded from the play store. To download the application you need to pass your security. The application is very useful to those people who love watching TV and movies.

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