Bulma Adventure 3

Download Bulma Adventure 3 APK latest version for fun-filled interactions with hilarious in-game characters. You’ll have wonderful moments executing missions.

Author: Bulma
Version: 3.0
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Size: 162 MB
Updated: 03/03/2023

What You Need to Know about Bulma Adventure 3 APK 2023

Burma Adventure 3 APK is the third installment from the Bulma Adventure Saga. It’s a cinematic action-adventure game developed by YamaMoto. It challenges you to explore a land full of beautiful girls and other hostile in-game characters.

You’ll control your character to help them complete different missions. The greater your accomplishments, the more bountiful the rewards will be. These prizes are essential since they will propel your adventures forward!

The game features intricate 3D graphics with vibrant colors and unrivaled details. Along the way, you’ll come across amusing and engaging dialogue from the game’s NPCs.

Lose yourself in the sheer variety of mini games that Bulma Adventure 3 APK offers. The possibilities this game provides will astound you. Download it now for unparalleled adventures & epic battles.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK – Background Story

The main story of the game is about an amusing character named Bulma. She’s searching for Dragon Balls, magical orbs that grant any wish. Along the way, Bulma will meet many unique characters & explore a range of beautiful locations.

At one point, she’ll be trapped on the planet Frieza, where she must fight for survival. She’ll also discover that the land is full of treasures & powerful artifacts left behind from long-forgotten civilizations.

You come in as a hero who must use your skills and wit to help Bulma complete her quest. You must save the universe from destruction and restore peace by collecting all the Dragon Balls before the enemy gets them.

While at it, you will recruit girls, train them, and upgrade their weapons. Unite with your allies to confront enemies that you could never hope to overcome alone.

Why Bulma Adventure 3 Download is Special

  • HD Graphics. This game boasts stunningly immersive 3D graphics that instantly draw you in and make the characters and setting look incredibly lifelike. Prepare to be amazed at how realistic it looks.
  • Exciting Storylines. You’ll access many unique missions and storylines based on the original Bulma Adventure series. Ensure you complete them sequentially to gain access to the next levels.
  • Variety of Mini-Games. Bulma Adventure 3 APK offers lots of exciting mini games that will keep you entertained. You’ll have fun with in-game characters, beat monster bosses & explore hidden gems.
  • Goku or Vegeta. This exhilarating game allows you to select between Goku and Vegeta as your character. Both have their special powers and attack mechanisms.


Bulma Adventure 3 APK has all the elements of a great action-adventure game. You’ll have fun exploring the world, fighting monsters & challenging yourself against mini games. Download it now for an unforgettable journey!

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