Download SiNISistar APK latest version and take on scary monsters hell-bent on stealing your soul. You must exorcise them to free the land & earn unending accolades.

Author: Uu
Version: 3.0.0
Category: Games
Size: 500 MB
Updated: 03/03/2023

Detailed Description of SiNISistar APK New Version

SiNISistar is a free-to-play horror/action game where you play a powerful exorcist, tasked with freeing the land from malicious supernatural entities. It is centered on a masochistic theme, expertly combining humor with horror elements.

It begins when Rabiane, a sister, is summoned by the Church & sent on a mission to expel evil spirits and restore peace in Kessaria (a once flourishing land). On arriving, she is astonished by the chaos & destruction that has befallen the land, with every corner colonized by enemies with big bosoms.

As a result, she sets a base on an abandoned cathedral strategically located at the center of Kessaria. She proceeds to clear out monsters from each area, with her masterly exorcism techniques & a self-taught combat style that will impress her admirers.

To progress through the game, you must acquire items and upgrade your weapons (including swords and bows) using collectibles. Ensure you equip the right tools & accessories to survive the powerful boss battles.


SiNISistar boasts a unique art style inspired by classic Japanese horror films and games. Its intuitive controls & well-balanced difficulty levels ensure seamless gameplay. Download it to challenge yourself in the seemingly endless waves of enemies and prove your resilience.

Other Key Features of SiNiSistar APK 2023

  • Beautiful 2D Graphics. SiNiSistar APK for Android brings out horror themes with unrivaled accuracy. You will experience eerie locations and scary creatures that will send chills down your spine.
  • Masochistic Elements. The game is loaded with masochistic elements, making it even more intriguing & captivating to the player. Get ready for fun-themed boss battles and intense combat sequences with surprising outcomes.
  • Highly Dynamic Gameplay. You’ll never be bored as the game offers diverse challenges that require quick decisions. Each victory will reward you with epic collectibles & gems, which can be used to upgrade your exorcism tools and boost your stats.

SiNiSistar APK Download – Conclusion

SiNISistar APK is a thrilling horror game that takes you on a wild ride of scary monsters, powerful bosses & masochistic elements. Download it now to enjoy its captivating art style, intuitive controls, and an array of weapons. Prove your abilities as an exorcist & restore peace in the land of Kessaria!

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