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Two Horns Apk is the right game for people who want to have some freedom when playing anime games. Let’s find out why it’s so great.

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Updated: 27/02/2023

Two Horns Apk Download

The game of your dreams has finally been ported to android. Two Horns – Living In the Town With Ogres was primarily a PC game, and Android users had been deprived of being able to enjoy it.

But Anime lovers always get their wishes fulfilled. Thanks to the developers, Pink Cafe Art, the game has been ported over to Android, allowing users to experience the marvel that is Two Horns on the go.

In this article, we shall discuss what’s so great about Two Horns and how you can download Two Horns Apk 2023.

Two Horns Features


The Two Horns download free has a unique story that is sure to entice any anime lover.

Two Horns Apk takes place in a small city called Oniga-Town. Rumors are that the town used to be the homeplace of Ogres and that they still roam among people, disguised, but with malicious intentions.

You, the main player, meet a girl who has two little horns on her head, instantly arousing suspicion about the girl’s origin. However, you cannot outright blame her. Instead, you have to win over her trust until you have all the proof about who she actually is.

The girl has a mysterious “Club” in her hand, which she aims to use to find her sister. You accompany her and the story unfolds from there.


With Two Horns download Android, you shall get every common gameplay features that are present in other anime games, and more.

The best thing about the gameplay of Two horns is that whatever you wish, goes. The game doesn’t restrict you to attacking enemies only. You can attack even the NPCs and even run around naked.

Freedom is a small word for what you can experience in Two Horns Apk.


Just like other Anime games, the Two Horns download file will give you typical animated graphics. Even then, the game has a certain charm to it, that is only unique to this game.

While the graphics are 2D in nature, they look 3D thanks to the superb rendering used by the developers. The animations as well as the music take the cake in this game.


If you had been looking for the perfect anime game that can fulfill your fantasies, then you’ve landed at the right spot.

Take the Two Horns Apk Download for a spin to see what all the hype is about.

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