Another Girl In The Wall

Let’s take a look at what makes Dark Dome’s Another Girl in the Wall so good, and how you can download it on Android.

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Updated: 24/12/2022

Another Girl in the Wall Download for Android 2022

Dark Dome’s Another Girl in the Wall is a point-and-click room escape game. There’s a girl trapped between a wall, and you’re the only one who can get her out. This is an interactive game full of fun and entertainment.

The game serves to amuse and play out the wacky things someone could come up with if they were to find someone wedged between a wall.

Another Girl In The Wall for Android gives players complete control over gameplay and allows them to tackle unique puzzles and challenges. Click the Another Girl In The Wall download button and let your imagination go wild. Another Girl in the Wall is great for fans of simulation and role-playing games due to the numerous interactive controls and animations.

Another Girl in the Wall Features

Take a peek at the exciting features available in the Another Girl in the Wall Download file.

Anime-Inspired Art Style

Art styles of well-known Japanese television shows served as inspiration for the game’s character models. After downloading the Girl in the Wall, you’ll have access to a range of playable female characters.

Unique Animations

Each option in the actions menu causes the character to perform a unique animation and response. The animations are extremely realistic, depicting every action with great precision.

Simple Gameplay

Because of its simple design, the game can be enjoyed by anyone seeking a quick dose of dopamine.

Play in Different Orientations

Another Girl in the Wall can be played in both landscape and portrait modes which makes the game ideal for on-the-go entertainment.

Stunning Graphics

Another Girl in the Wall provides you with stunning visuals that will keep you entertained for hours.

A Ton of customization options

The game provides you access to all of its features with tons of customization options. You have a number of women to choose from, each with a different outfit and appearance

No Subscription Fee

One of the best parts about Another Girl in The Wall is that it’s completely free to play. Furthermore, it is ad-free.


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