Jade Chamber Sunshine Test

Download Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK latest version and enjoy improved gameplay in first person perspective. It features new characters & lots of fresh details. 

Author: NorKoala
Version: 0.7
Category: Games
Size: 242 MB
Updated: 17/05/2023

In-Depth Details about Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK

This is a puzzle-ridden game set in Liu, a remote hamlet that comprises a door to the weird Chamber of Many Jades (or The Jade Chamber). This is an airborne temple of mysteries above Liu, from where Qixing can monitor the activities in the region.

During your escapades, you will interact with Genshin Impact’s female characters while solving sophisticated puzzles and avoiding fierce threats. It will be a perfect mix of adventure & puzzle-solving.

Besides, the game’s anime-themed/cartoonish designs & graphics give it an additional charm. You can experience the beauty of this well-illustrated game while exploring its detailed chambers for clues. Are you up for the task? Download Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK for Android and test your wits.

Brief Storyline

Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK download was developed by Norkoala. It challenges gamers to get unique codes to help them access the Chamber of Many Jades (an ancient building requiring special codes to access).

However, the gates are guarded heavily, and the only way to break in is by breaking the Wixong’s trustworthy lackeys (meant for safeguarding codes), solving complex puzzles, & defeating the guards. Once you do, you will have to battle your way through the chambers, overcome foes, and discover the Soaring Palace.

Additionally, the game’s setting (Tewat) has lovely locations to explore, including icy mountains, forests, and various temples (including the Tower of Babel). As such, you can expect a super fulfilling experience.

Other Unique Features of the Game

  • Enriching History. This Jade Room in Ningguang was destroyed when the god Osial and Louie City engaged in intense battles. It was however reconstructed & serves as the capital of Qixing. It also integrates Genshin Impact’s characters and history!
  • 24 Genshin Impact Players. This game introduces a mature form of Genshin Impact characters, including Noel, Fishel, Diluc, Qiqi, Kolei, Chongyun, and Zhongli. It also includes newly created characters (arlecchinno and 4 Sumerians).
  • Loads of Customizations. This game allows you to customize your character’s appearance & abilities, giving them incredible makeovers. You can also use various materials to upgrade your strength & skills.
  • Voice Implementation. The game also features complete voice execution for all characters. This enhances the overall gaming experience and adds to its immersion factor. 
  • Better Graphics and Environments. The Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK 2023 features visuals way better than the previous version. Its environments are made more realistic, with impressive lighting effects & stunning visuals.


Jade Chamber Sunshine Test APK download is a phenomenal game that will challenge your wits yet still provide an amazing experience. It offers breathtaking graphics, unique characters, and intense puzzles. You’ll also love its storyline & realistic environments. If you are looking for something exciting to play, Jade Chamber Sunshine Test is the perfect choice. Download it now!

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