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Download Boob Run APK latest version and help your hero to outscore your opponents. You must circumvent obstacles & aliens hell-bent to survive the challenge.

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Version: 2.0.0
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Updated: 17/04/2023

About Boob Run APK 2023

Boob Run APK download is a side-scrolling and endless running game offered by BoobRub. It challenges you to take control of your heroine and make her run faster than the opponents, earning her a place in the local/global high score sheet.

However, the game is riddled with obstacles such as aliens, ghosts, & boulders. You must use your agility and quick wits to overcome these problems and continue running. If you ever reach a gridlock, you can use the special powers (fire buffs & mega boob buffs) and skills provided in the game to help you win.

Even better, the game’s control system is smooth and unsophisticated. You can use easy swipe gestures to make your character perform various actions (including jumping, sliding, turning left or right, & doing a back flip) to earn extra points.

Apart from that, the graphics are stunningly attractive and vibrant. You’ll see a lot of creative animations, detailed scenes, & amusing characters. On top of that, the soundtrack and effects make the game more thrilling.

Overall, this game guarantees an adrenaline-packed gaming escapade. Download Boob Run APK for Android and experience it first-hand!

Boob Run APK – Background Story

This game is set in a Japanese City that has been invaded by ugly and dangerous laser aliens. It is up to your heroine, Manga girl, to find her way out of the mess. She must traverse different terrains and fight her way through various foes to complete her mission.

During the battle with aliens, the game offers various power-ups and weapons for you to utilize. Additionally, you can gather coins while running, which can be utilized to improve your character.

Besides, the game has multiple levels & rewards for completing them. Additionally, new characters and levels will become available for you to unlock.

Download Boob Run APK now and join an exhilarating race with online leaderboards. You can compare your scores with players globally.

Other Unique Features of Boob Run APK

  • Customizable Outfits. You can choose the design/ color patterns of your character’s outfits, allowing you to personalize every gameplay aspect.
  • Highly Dynamic Gameplay Levels. Boob Run APK has different difficulty levels, environments, and enemies for each level. This makes the game more challenging & keeps you motivated to improve your skills.
  • Upgrade Your Buffs. This game offers well-thought-out upgrading options. Ensure you utilize them to make the game more exciting.
  • Challenging Boss Battles. Prepare yourself for challenging confrontations with powerful bosses! Even more intriguing, you’ll face tougher foes with stronger attacks as you advance, requiring all your skills & strategic thinking to emerge victorious.


Download Boob Run APK, an exciting game with beautiful graphics, challenging levels, and an engaging storyline. Help your character collect coins and power-ups while avoiding aliens.

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